Thursday, April 8, 2010


Forgive my absence from the life has been hectic, with my boss very ill, and many long days and nights at the newspaper. Tomorrow should be a better, more rested day, with recommitted vigor for all things not work related.

Please, friends, feel free to comment on any blog entries that you read along the way. I would love to know that you are out there. It helps keeps me motivated to continue writing...

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful blue skies.


  1. Michelle,

    Busy and traveling, but just wanted you to know that I check in to your site regularly and appreciate your writing.

  2. Michelle, I have not read your blog regularly so I don't know if you've commented on this before, but how do you fare when work is crazy as it apparently has been for you, or at least was last week? What's your approach to finding your breathe, awareness, center or however you think about the undefinable attempt to be "present"? thanks, sara PS: I don't to instant messaging, but as an aol user, this was the easiest way to be able to leave a comment.